Saturday, July 31, 2010

Russian hackers

Why do so many Russian's seem to be hackers? Or are really good at computers?
Asked by KaiWen, China

Naturally , I am against generalization...It will be a way too ambitious to claim that a lot of Russians are hackers.

But I understand your question and must say that recent events did create a certain image of advanced computer users coming from the territory of Russian Federation. Many of them caused a lot of sleepless nights to the IT security departments of various Western corporations.


"Around 1980, when the news media noticed hackers, they determined real hacking as: the security breaking which some hackers occasionally did. They ignored all the rest of hacking, and used the term "breaking security", no more no less. Since that the media have spread that definition, disregarding our attempts to correct them. As a result, most people have a false idea of what we hackers actually do and what we think.
You can help correct the misunderstanding simply by making a distinction between security breaking and hacking—by using the term "cracking" instead of security breaking. The people who do it are "crackers". Some of them may also be hackers, just as some of them may be chess players or golfers; most of them are not...."
Lets see who is TOVARISCH hacker? ))))))

It is almost impossible to say when it all started, but one of Russian IT forum gave a colorful description of a reason why Russians computer specialists often associated with trouble among the other members of Internet community.

"Soon after the shoot of USSR those who got a foreign software, had neither documentation nor any technical support to count on. So that was the moment when Russian system administrators were forced to find their way around, more precisely to write own patches there where in general it was almost impossible.

Therefore, at the beginning of 90th many Western companies loved to hire Russians /or Soviet computer specialists - as where the Western colleagues would have spent hours on the phone with IT support, Russians would spit and write his own patch.

Many of such cases, by the way, then became a standard de facto. "

Russian hackers deserved a special attention of US security services when in 2009 the US Government reported a series of hacking attacks (remember Citi group case), as well as the theft of more than $9 million from systems belonging to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The threats forced US President Barack Obama to announce that defense against Internet attacks became a ''national security priority''.

As Fox news reported at the time, that the main sources of danger were
"Identity theft, social networking, and modifying commercial software" However, according to Amit Yoran, a former cybersecurity chief at the Department of Homeland Security, "the combining all 3 methods raised the attack method to a new level, which have never been seen before"
Fair enough BBC quoted the vision of the problem by famous creator of computer anti- virus program Mr.Kaspersky "Russian attacks look more professional. The malware and design are more complicated and more technical. I think it's thanks to Russia's technical education. Its graduates are probably the best."


Well, known fact that any IT specialist will be on the job market the most demanded no wonder that those who get IT diplomas are the first ones to get a well paid job offer. So 90 % of graduates do end up in the business. Of which kind... to be confirmed ))))
Still there is no reason to be paranoiac and it will be incorrect to say that Russian hackers are prepared by Russian colleges. (In fact, Russian colleges have been highly criticized recently for not preparing well qualified modern IT personnel ))))

Recent studies show that the job difficulty of new IT colleges graduates is not really compensated by the proposed official salary.
Those who speak English and able to work with English language technical documentation in average earn per month in Moscow up to RUB 50 000 ($1 680), in Saint Petersburg RUB 40 000 ($1 345) , in Novosibirsk up to RUB 30 000 ($1000)

But if you take into consideration that the IT
engineering is mainly a man's world (92%), please also consider that 78% are under 30 years old. Still only 49% of IT have graduated with such diploma.

And here comes the most interesting part...........according to the polls of independent experts 33% of IT specialists learn from books when they want to upgrade their level of knowledge. Other 20% of Russian IT specialists just count on their own capacity to learn from own experience and mistakes.
(Of cause it will be immoral to prize the people who break into somebody's personal security but who in the modern world will object that Necessity is the mother of Invention. Besides, would that be only Russian hackers who want to get a big check at the end of the month.))))

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  1. Hi!
    I realize Russia has some of the best hackers in the world. I recently got a virus on my computer called think point. They said the virus came out of the Russian Federation.
    Its hard for me to believe the Russians would use this virus as it has no monetary value on simple home computers. I use my comp for looking up history more than anything.
    My grandparents came from Hussenbach, Russia and just trying to find more info on them takes reading the history of Russia and it is extremely complex. I get on a few Russian sites because i want to get the most unbiased view i can. People are people everywhere. they just want a decent living to survive. I do have a bias for Russia as my grand parents were the most moral decent people. Just to see the land that they were born in- men and women who were beyond brave.
    I need that hacker if he is from Russia to leave my comp alone. I get on pravda, and Tass every day not for political but to see the real people.
    I would like to know if you know of any Russia hacker sites so i could write them and ask them not to hack my comp. I know it may sound naive but i think if i explain my situation they would understand.
    Thank You

    Hi Linda,

    I understand your question but unfortunately have no idea how to help you as every computer user using Internet is exposing himself to such problems. I only regret it creates a bad image of the country it comes from.
    I am sure those hackers dont mean to do any damage to your computer personally but just write the virus programs (why they do that still remains philosophical question...)

    The only advice I can give you is to install Firewall and advanced antivirus program to protect your computer.

    Good luck,
    Ask A Russian