Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why so many Russian women go abroad

I am an engineer and had seen many Russian speaking ladies in my field who left Russia for other countries. Why so many Russian women want to live abroad?
asked by Akshay, India

I don't know much about Russian emigration to India (still subject to be studied)...but Russian speaking emigration to European countries after perestroika has brought there over 5-6 million people.

Well, it is bit too general as an observation to say that there are all girls ))))) but it is true that we see a way too many Russian ladies living in other countries comparing to Russian men. There are several reasons for that.


I am sure the modern population movement of Russian Federation is a subject of many studies in demography and social sciences. I might be wrong but my observation showed that there are 3 types of Russian speaking girls leaving their country:

- students. Those who decided that they would want be able to get the most exclusive education ( read to move to Moscow or St.Petersburg) available back at home.

- women in their 30th. Often already divorced with 1 or 2 children or just single. Who want to have another chance of having a family. (Looking at the demographics below will explain why it is gong to be harder for them at home)

- professional expat women of any age. You can include here Russian models too. What will we do without them)))) Often very successful in the work who consider their emigration as a new swing of their carrier . (This will make them part of the international professionals).

Something tells me that you are more referring to the second group. Am I right?


As you can see from the graphics it is simply country specifics to naturally have more girls then men. I found an interesting graphics showing the proportion of population (in millions ) of the Russian territory by the age groups and gender.

So it's true that there are more girls (pink) in Russia then there are boys (blue).


Another reason could be their desire to work and really gain well their own life. During the Soviet times Russian women may be didn't have access to the latest fashion trends, but they were definitely those of the first ones to vote in Europe (in 1917). Very few industries were closed for women and this cultivated the image of Soviet women-mother-comrade known to the rest of the world.

Now the times of guaranteed work and stable salary in Russia have gone and many women and girls hope to gain their life at least as well as their sisters in Europe and other countries.

They don't count only on the men to support them and since their early age know that they will have to work. That is why it is so important for our girls to study well and to learn foreign languages, hoping to get later in life chance to make their own assets work for them - so called return on investment.


All women are known for their ability to adapt to new situation easier and quicker then men. There where men will feel frustration and anger women will be more patient and wise. Remembering that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Besides those who already left once their home country are strong and ambitious. This applies to all internationals.

Having said all of this, I must mention that it is not that Russian girls don't want to go is just hard for them to do ones they get married and have children. (Like Ms.Natalia Vodyanova, for example)

And surprisingly.... they are rarely single for a long time
abroad (like Anna Kurnikova, for example) ))))

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