Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Marry a Russian girl "

In year 2008, a book fair was held at New Delhi where there was a special stall for Russian books. There I met with a Russian craftsmen. We talked for sometime and I asked him about literature of Fyodor Dostyovasky and Leo Tolstoy.
Apart from there names, he didn't know much. He introduced me to his family, he gave me his phone no and address in Kazan.
At the time of departure he advised me to "visit Russia and marry a Russian girl?". Listening the word "marriage" I became suspicious and left from there.

But this incident keeps on rolling in my mind to this day. Can you tell or interpret what possibly might have been the intent of that person.

Asked by Sanju, India

Dear Sanju

Of cause I cant get into the mind of another man but somehow, judging from the your letter, I would not worry about the mean intentions of this craftsmen, who (I bet) is happy in his marriage ))))) I am sure he meant well proposing you to visit Russia and marry a Russian girl.

I am afraid it will be unfair to the great girls of other nations and will sound like pure marriage agency advertisement, if I list here all qualities of Russian wives ))))... The prove is that there are many of them happily married to Indian men.

I can only advise you ....listen to your heart when it comes to choosing your future wife ))

P.S. Maybe you should just go to visit Russia...and not thinking about meeting a girl but just to see a land of Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. )) Think about it!

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  1. If I may add, aside from meeting girls from Russia, it would be great if you discover the country. Explore the culture, tradition and the beautiful tourist attractions that Russia has. In this way, you will not only equipped your mind with knowledge but also experience how the locals live in Russia. When the time comes that you meet Russian women you will amaze them with what you know and make a good impression.